A College Vacation Fantasy

This is the story of three college girls who go to school in upstate New York. Their names are Sally, Jane and Diana. The three decided to take a much-needed vacation from their studies and take a trip to Jamaica for some fun in the sun and sand.

Upon arriving they decided to spice it up a bit. A college friend of theirs let them know that if a man approached them on the beach and asked if they “were being taken care of?” That was code for do you need some cock? With this information in hand, they headed off to the beach with towels and suntan lotion in tow.

They set up lounge chairs next to each other and with as much noise as possible started playing with each other in the water, splashing and ripping off each other’s bikini tops. Laughing, they ran back to their chairs to sun themselves, pert nipples pointing to the sky.

After about an hour one of the girls noticed felt a shadow cover the sun and she sleepily opened her eyes. An ebony Adonis was standing over her, his huge erection stiff against his board shorts. He licked his lips as he asked, “are you ladies being taken care of?’

Jane looked over from her chair to see Sally staring up at his cock, hunger in her eyes. “Why no,” Jane replied. “Do you think you can help us with that?”

The man smiled lazily and while stroking his cock through his shorts he explained that he and a friend were just up the beach at this address, and if the ladies would like to join them they would surely all have a great time. “Just ask for Robert when you knock”, he told them.

The girls arrived at the house about an hour later, after showering. They were all a bit nervous, being in a foreign country they weren’t sure what to expect. When the door was opened another hunk of a man opened the door. Sally stammered, “Is Robert here?”

“Ya”, the man replied. “I’m Robert. Come on in ladies and make yourselves comfortable.”

They sat making small talk until all talk stopped at once; the Adonis from the beach had entered the room, completely naked. His thick hard shaft was bouncing in front of him as he walked towards the three on the couch.

“Well, this is why you’re here, right?” he demanded upon seeing their shocked faces. He walked right up to Jane and told her softly “put my cock in your mouth.”

Jane looked over at the other two girls licked her lips and wrapped her hands around the shaft, looking forward to the rest of the evening.

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